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  1. Are you surprised more people don't skip CompTIA and go for MS/Cisco certs?
  2. VTP vs 802.1Q
  3. Intro and Guidance
  4. Looking for guidance
  5. Got my BS in IT and jobless need some direction on what to do?
  6. Does this sound like a good plan? If not please advise.
  7. Career Change (Finance to IT)
  8. Certifications needed for entry level
  9. Videos for new peope in IT
  10. Any certifications that are obtainable from strictly using Transcender or CBTNuggets?
  11. New ISP Job - Networking
  12. Employee certification tracking
  13. Microsoft Private Cloud Certification
  14. Hey everyone on TE!
  15. Company paid training. Which would you choose?
  16. Need some expert direction
  17. Interesting Born to Learn article
  18. The Agony of Choice
  19. Certs for a CIO/CISO
  20. Have NET+, Need Some Advice on how to build my Resume. MCITP or MCSA? Please Help!
  21. Where to go from here?
  22. CBT Nuggets Cram Nugget Package
  23. Comptia Cloud Certification
  24. I was looking for CCSI information, and stumbled upon this
  25. Corero Network Security
  26. Advice on Windows Server practice labs...
  27. Thoughts about this studying tactic
  28. Anyone know about HP's ATA (Accredited Technical Associate) Certs?
  29. CIW/MTA certs, worth mentioning?
  30. Passed Riverbed RCSA-W WAN Optimization
  31. Nortel material
  32. Cisco CCNA or MS Certs?
  33. Anyone ever taken the LINX LAIT cert?
  34. CompTIA Certifications
  35. Anybody ever order your MCTS Certificate from Microsoft?
  36. MCP eStore
  37. CISSP now, if not what?
  38. Newbie saying hi
  39. Generic HTML course or CIW?
  40. Optiplex 755
  41. Should you list certifications you have practically forgetten?
  42. Help with focus while studying for certifications
  43. Job or Personal Growth?
  44. Which certs brought you real knowledge and which ones are more resume fodder?
  45. Boson has a sale going ... expiring soon!
  46. Easiest Cert to start with (Microsoft)
  47. Free $10 credit for Kindle books
  48. ERP Consulting
  49. Experiences with Quickcert?
  50. Path to get an IT job in a casino?
  51. Career Plan?
  52. Currently MCITP: SA, what would you recommend after that?
  53. What course/s should I do?
  54. sharepoint 2010
  55. Pearson IT E-bboks and Videos 50% off till 28 Dec
  56. ORC1 / CIW JavaScript
  57. Is it a bad strategy to only do certifications your employer pays for/or recommends?
  58. Comptia - Lifelong still forced to renew?
  59. 'Site Access' on Microsoft transcript
  60. Mcafee Certification
  61. Alcatel-Lucent Routers?
  62. Study session scheduling
  63. Where to next?
  64. Certification Studying
  65. Question on T1 Verilink Access 2000
  66. Specialization in IT
  67. I have a free voucher for Microsoft's 98-366 network exam,expires 5 days. Can I pass?
  68. 87,057 USD if you get Project +
  69. Study At Work?
  70. Any certications geared towards mainframe hardware or operating systems?
  71. LearnSmart Exam Guides
  72. Study time vs. Family time
  73. Microsoft exams harder-what’s everyone’s opinion?
  74. SonicWall CSSA
  75. Hiring Trends IT industry for 2011-2012
  76. What's worst, a dated MCITP or a dated MCTS: SCCM
  77. TechCertRegistry
  78. Can I verify someone's Cisco Certificate?
  79. anyone know where or how to get free legit copies of XP and Vista?
  80. Just got my notice at work yesterday.
  81. An Idea for the forum that I would like to share
  82. How do you list your Microsoft certifications on your resume?
  83. Six Sigma Green/Black Belt Certification - Villanova University
  84. SAP Certified
  85. Setting up Domain Controller on Windows Server 2008 R2 Sp1
  86. So what next?
  87. Microsoft Recertification Policies
  88. Exam Option
  89. Cisco Professional Level Certs
  90. Darril's 301 Book is out - 40% discount too!
  91. Advice on starting out in security
  92. Motivation
  93. Any Kindle owners interested in joining/starting a TechExams lending library?
  94. Dirty, rotten cheaters
  95. Are there any specific certifications tht delve into reverse engineering malware
  96. School is in MY WAY!
  97. CompTIA Strata IT Fundamental
  98. What path on certifications should I take?
  99. new guy here
  100. Learning Server Operating Systems
  101. Questiong About Listing Certs on a Resume
  102. Lenovo Certifications
  103. Please help need advice
  104. Ubuntu 11.10 - What do you think?
  105. for certification
  106. CCNA and CIW
  107. Need a 2nd Opinion - CCNA Certification Question
  108. Any advice to certifcations
  109. Microsoft Certifications?
  110. Where to go after CCNA?
  111. Progression of certifications?
  112. Still going stronge
  113. Want to learn Win server 2008 and active directory
  114. Noob with a question
  115. Cert path getting sidetracked
  116. Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 - Release Date?
  117. MCITP - SQL 2008 Database Administrator & Developer
  118. Cisco Certified Architect - CCAr
  119. Planning Your Next Certification Campaign
  120. Anybody know if Microsoft is currently offering Second Shot opportunities currently?
  121. MCITP or CCNA track?
  122. New Forum for RIVERBED certification??
  123. Designing an IT training programme
  124. DCSE Associate Server Certs, Please Help!
  125. CIW Database Design Specialist 1D0-541
  126. CBT Nuggets (Can you only download to one computer)?
  127. Wallet Cards are back!
  128. Whats a good estimate on how long it should take to get MCITP:SA?
  129. Prometric rescheduling fee?
  130. Perl Cert?
  131. Which vendors offer benefits for employing certified individuals?
  132. Which Comptia cert will go well with CCNA? A+ or Network+
  133. Need some insight on persuing a BS IT degree at WGU
  134. Looking to break into IT field - What certs?
  135. Any scripting certifications available?
  136. Wants to enter IT industry but which course CCNA or MCITP:SA?
  137. So what's a good path to developing my IPT knowledge?
  138. Best CBT's for technology and IT management certifications?
  139. mcp, mcts, mcitp, mcm comparison
  140. Finish MCSA or start CCNA?
  141. Anyone have experience/certs with Extreme Networks Switches, Nortel/Avaya phones ?
  142. What type of Metrics are you rated against?
  143. Unix Linux Cert Advice
  144. Un-qualified Network Academy Instructor?
  145. Just sat for SG1-001 CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA Beta Exam
  146. Does any other University besides WGU include certifications free?
  147. CEH pointless outside of government circle?
  148. Opinion of this type of studying for a certification
  149. Certification/Job/Career advice
  150. Certification advice please!!!
  151. 2012 Certification Plans
  152. I'm at a big crossroad.
  153. Lost Interest
  154. What MCITP goes best along with cisco ccna?
  155. Cyber Law Enforcement?
  156. Do you hang your certifications/diploma's in your home office or bedroom?
  157. Passed my CIW exam
  158. Where do i start? so lost, please help!
  159. What certs (besides A+) are attainable without work experience?
  160. "Do something the Microsoft way” …..What does this mean?
  161. What are the essentials for a good home lab?
  162. Have you ever started a certification and then bailed?
  163. Squeezed at my job... what MS Certs?
  164. Dropping out of the work force for a year to get your MBA? Good or Bad decision?
  165. Staying motivated?
  166. CIW Exams
  167. Practice Exams and Studay Guide Apps
  168. Certifications aren't needed for everything
  169. Any certifications for Motorola MC9090 mobile devices?
  170. Not sure which direction to go in next...
  171. What cert next please?
  172. Opinion on Infosec Institute
  173. Hole in the wall tech school
  174. Microsoft Certifications - Acquiring the actual certificate?
  175. Lots of Cisco action
  176. Question about my direction
  177. Cisco Press Labor Day weekend sale 50% off ebook and videos.
  178. Another "Which Cert" Post (WGU)
  179. Cisco Introduces New Entry-Level Certification
  180. !!! Cisco Press Labor Day Sale 50% off Ebooks and Videos !!!
  181. looking for mentor
  182. HELP choosing certification to take?
  183. Exam prep freebies + discount
  184. Cisco IT Essentials, anyone?
  185. Microsoft Second Shot
  186. Career advice//resume advice
  187. Which cert should I go for?
  188. Which certifications have brought you the most success?
  189. Kindle for studying PDF docs?
  190. Cwts?
  191. Domestic Preparedness Campus --- Texas A&M and FEMA
  192. Jobs paying for certificates
  193. Lack of Focus/Motivation
  194. Boss says Comptia certs don't mean anything?
  195. First day of class a bit overwhelming
  196. School, Work, Certifications
  197. Microsoft Office Specialist
  198. Interview question help
  199. Help with vouchers
  200. Some Motivation
  201. Getting Started In The I.T. Field
  202. Career Advice
  203. Career advice for a college kid???
  204. some advice
  205. Aruba Certification
  206. W3Schools Certifications?
  207. Transcender group discount deal
  208. Revamping 2011 Plans
  209. Will the help desk experience matter?
  210. Are vendor specific certications better for entry level techs?
  211. If you could only get one certification which would it be?
  212. WGU Exams Question
  213. Certs that would still be valid in 2-3 years
  214. Cisco Preliminary Score report? huh?
  215. What's next (certification) ?
  216. Should I pick up some more certs while going to school?
  217. What to pursue next?
  218. Opinions on Trainsignal training videos
  219. any aix administrators?
  220. Beginning my future as a CCNA
  221. New guy on the block
  222. Which Certifications should I get?
  223. Microsoft Looking at recertification requirement
  224. BS in Health Informatics at WGU Question
  225. Carry on MCSE or dump for MCITP:EA
  226. Top 10 IT Recruiter Catchphrases
  227. What Keeps you motivated to get certs?
  228. Passed the CIW:Foundations
  229. Getting out of the military, looking to join the IT field.
  230. What next certification should I get?
  231. Certifications for Resume Building
  232. Wireshark University
  233. So..I decided to change my career...Advice Please...
  234. Anyone have first hand experience with any SharePoint poweruser books?
  235. From the reality of your experience...What's Your Opinion
  236. Cisco???
  237. DWWTC - Training
  238. Powershell Question
  239. Starting college this semester...
  240. A new guy looking for help
  241. Balancing Certifications & Revisions
  242. Yet another career path question
  243. Unsure of obtaining certification
  244. Need some Advice
  245. A+, Network+, And then...
  246. Newbie to forum that needs advice...
  247. Need Help Figuring Out Career Path
  248. Private hosted Wiki for note taking
  249. Help needed with career path
  250. Not sure what to do next ...