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  1. Have an IT degree? Want to continue school? What next?
  2. Trying to convince myself that a raise is a good thing regardless.
  3. Jack of all trades, master of none
  4. I have a question about a job that I was contacted about
  5. Job Fair in Minnesota This Monday Sept 19.
  6. I'm at the crossroads, help!
  7. most hated job
  8. In need of serious help!
  9. need help to shape up my resume before interview
  10. nervous and excited about upcoming interview with Comcast
  11. Good news: IT unemployment rate
  12. Mods Please delete this thread.
  13. TTC Live any opinions?
  14. How tough is it to get into the CIA or FBI for Information Technology?
  15. Contract roles & giving notice
  16. Value of an AA in CIS w/ Basic Certs and Experience?
  17. Short and long term goals..Time for a change. Thoughts?
  18. Bachelors in CIS with a focus on Cyber Security
  19. CS, CSI, or IT related degree
  20. Job interview!
  21. Interview Tomorow
  22. posting resume on job sites while currently employed
  23. Do you have someone at your work who is angry and stressed all the time?
  24. Competency Interview Questions for a Network Role
  25. Positions Open Near Baltimore, MD
  26. bachelor degree required
  27. need job interview advice, hand injury
  28. A quick question for people who've done contract-to-hire
  29. Should I tell this person to stop "bragging" about me, or leave it be?
  30. Central Washington University
  31. Great day...2 phone interviews today and now 2 face-to-face interviews this week...
  32. Possible new job, better pay, worse benefits...on fence
  33. Question on New Employment
  34. Field Service Tech- Will it go anywhere?
  35. NOC System Analyst
  36. Resume Critique Please
  37. Please review my resume for entry-level technical aide position
  38. Telling an employer you're quitting?
  39. Where to study besides the library? (especially at night and weekends)
  40. IT Jobs in Toronto, Canada
  41. Best Buy searching the world for IT Architects
  42. Open Courseware Consortium
  43. Resume Help
  44. Finally my 1st IT interview
  45. A Question or Two for Network Admins (and Engineers too)
  46. Interview with a NOC...man that place sucked.
  47. How should i enter networking industry
  48. Questions on where to begin and which direction to head (career)
  49. Advice Jobs to Gain Experience
  50. Telecommute/Flextime
  51. Salary history and requirements
  52. Resume check over
  53. Went on an interview today...need advice
  54. Trade floor support
  55. Some Advice
  56. Hello New Person with Questions about IT Career Path
  57. WGU IT Degree+Future Work Question
  58. Resume Critique
  59. Please help :-)
  60. Concerns about finding a job
  61. Advice for next move?
  62. Relationship vs. Career Dilemma
  63. which direction to go in IT?
  64. hard work summer - 2 certs + job on autumn
  65. Just started a new/my first IT job post-military, questions about salary/promotions.
  66. Seeking advice (long)
  67. Please critique my resume (again) and cover letter.
  68. Salary Expectations with Experience
  69. Capitol College M.S. IA
  70. Is WGU my best option?
  71. This made me LOL.
  72. Vague job terms
  73. BU Real-time Review: Before the storm
  74. 2 Weeks at my job, when should I ask about Certs reimbursement.
  75. Covering the costs of certs
  76. Sought Out By Another Employer
  77. Got a job offer, now salary negotiation - help!
  78. Is my degree enough?
  79. Apology to Techexam members
  80. Need advice ASAP
  81. Overseas Network/IT jobs (Iraq,Afghan)
  82. Going to school and working Tip Guide while staying Sane
  83. Interview today, wear a tie?
  84. thank you letter
  85. Ended up getting the job promotion back from the current company I work for!
  86. Pissed @ my recruiter
  87. MIS Graduate Needing Advice
  88. CEDIA Certified: Career worthy?
  89. HIRED! So excited
  90. Need advice for next move
  91. Monsters, Dice, Craigslist??
  92. 2 new IT jobs in 1 month
  93. Now I am confused...Which job to take
  94. Destroyed an interview today:cry:
  95. WGU Graduate!
  96. Which position should I take?
  97. CCNA Wireless: When (if ever) will companies start moving away from ethernet?
  98. Going in for my interview tomorrow...
  99. Am I overqualifed with a masters degree?
  100. Has a company ever said your hired to this one position and then re-track it?
  101. Hiring in Anchorage, AK
  102. Need Help
  103. Question for the Community on salary negotiations.
  104. Need some career advice
  105. Newbie question?
  106. Networking career question
  107. Anyone enrolled at AMU for their masters in IT?
  108. Couple of WGU BSIT-NDM questions
  109. Resume suggestions - Please!
  110. stratosphere networks- As a company
  111. Job Prospects - Poll
  112. Interesting Guide on how to handle Help Desk calls.
  113. Need resume advice
  114. Now this is funny
  115. New help desk Tier 1 right here! Got promotion!
  116. first day of work...
  117. Got offered the job, but...
  118. COnfused
  119. Network Engineer Interview Questions
  120. CompTia CE and WGU?
  121. Critique my resume...plz
  122. Resume Looks Unrelated, needs serious help :\
  123. Military IT - Now Planning Ahead
  124. Resume: Objective still necessary?
  125. Help for a college student?
  126. Something starting to drive me nuts at work - Helpdesk
  127. Bleek future for only High-School Grad?
  128. Temporarily working 2 jobs.
  129. Need an opinion on a job I interviewed for
  130. Cisco Fast Track
  131. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  132. CISSP/Career Advice Needed
  133. Weird feeling at work
  134. Leaving with 1 week notice?
  135. Weird job posting
  136. Recommended reading for a new supervisor?
  137. Do you get a pay raise for getting certs at your place of employement?
  138. Jobspring Partners (recruiter)
  139. No more certs for a while
  140. Which Industry Should I Choose?
  141. Mixed emotions
  142. Night Shift...Weekends... how do you feel about it?
  143. How to get a IT job with no experience?
  144. Job Possibility- Need to learn some SQL fast
  145. What would you change about the WGU MSISA Program?
  146. Getting promoted to help desk most likely
  147. IT Interview regarding windows 2003/2008
  148. Downsizing
  149. Restaurant Career holds me back (with resume critique)
  150. Job opening at my work (Rosamond, CA)
  151. Is it harder to be fired at a big company?
  152. Just Wondering
  153. Employer Question
  154. Interview for Web Developer-No Experience
  155. Question about WGU's cert-based classes...
  156. Have Security+ and CCENT or CCNA and want to work in San Antonio?
  157. Just throwing this out there
  158. Just offered my first IT job(s)!
  159. Are you BU CIS-Security
  160. Part Vent/ Part Question
  161. Show Me the Money/Blackballed?
  162. Reapply for Position?
  163. Cover Letter, asking company to call me on certain days?
  164. IT Jobs Thriving
  165. Salary/Job offer question...
  166. Davidboy's question
  167. Am I about to get canned?
  168. Questions about years of service
  169. Pick my resume apart..
  170. Whats you guys perception on "true programmers"?
  171. I'm confused
  172. Lessons learned: quitting after one month on the job
  173. Management flaw on my part
  174. New job finally
  175. Expecting to keep your (software) engineering career forever?
  176. Is anybody from this forum graduated from WGU YET?
  177. Going backwards?
  178. What traditional degree should a future network engineer pursue?
  179. Job interview.. "Temperature Monitoring Software Field Tech" job?
  180. went to a security conference & was offered and invitation to apply.
  181. 2 possible jobs-need advice
  182. Mixed emotion about seeing someone get fired
  183. Should I take a paycut?? Read on for details
  184. Career Advice Database Admin
  185. CCNx's, how off is Salary.com and Payscale.com?
  186. Preemptive Resume
  187. Does job titles/rank really matter to you?
  188. Is this the norm for NOC jobs these days?
  189. Notice period when leaving job
  190. Had an Interview Today!
  191. Company not holding up their end of the deal
  192. Abroad Experience on a Resume
  193. Do I email back
  194. Breaking out on my own.
  195. Career Advice
  196. Did a new job ever bore you to death?
  197. HELP! - Follow up after follow up of interview
  198. Understanding the job description
  199. Need good advice about a BIS Degree!!!
  200. LAN Admin Phone Interview
  201. Company called after 1 year 8 months
  202. Computer Repair business cards
  203. My career has hit a wall, need some advice
  204. A dilemma
  205. Suggestions on my resume
  206. Starting in July 2012: Interest Subsidized Loans eliminated for Grad Students!
  207. Expect change in salary from a higher cert?
  208. Interesting article on Master degree's in IT. Read and give your opinion
  209. Review my CV
  210. Getting the most out of your current role
  211. Physical appearance.
  212. Linux Administrator opportunity?
  213. Anyone mind taking a look at my resume?
  214. Found a great contract work site
  215. So a little birdie told me about a new MS at WGU
  216. 2nd career at 41. Starting completely from scratch. Thoughts?
  217. Permanent job vs. higher-paying contract job?
  218. Non-contracting positions
  219. resume question
  220. What would you prefer
  221. Volunteer Jobs
  222. Advice on current job.
  223. kent stat masters of tech degree
  224. Community college here we go!
  225. Adjunct Teaching
  226. What do you wish you would have known before?
  227. Fastteks
  228. Husband wants to go to WGU, I'm totally ignorant, any input from grads of WGU?
  229. Online school for Security BA?
  230. If IT wasn't an option for a career, what would you like to do?
  231. career dilemma
  232. Joining the military
  233. Looking for insight coming into the IT field.
  234. How would you rate these Master's programs?
  235. Changing Careers: Certifications or Degree More Valuable?
  236. Network Administrator job interview Wednesday
  237. WGU: Choosing a major.
  238. Another Post-Grad, More IT career questions
  239. Have you ever stumbled across technologies you used to use and forgot?
  240. Graduation Rate
  241. Most CU's taken in one term?
  242. Once again... I ask for advice
  243. next move
  244. Herzing University
  245. 30 day notice
  246. Health Information Management
  247. Anyone use a Kindle or Nook for Training?
  248. how to have phone interviews while at work
  249. Need advice on finding volunteer job working with cisco routers and switches
  250. Work over seas