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  1. I guess I'm vSphere 6.0 now....
  2. Just wanted to say...
  3. Vcap5-dca
  4. VMWorld EMEA / Barcelona .. Who's going ?
  5. Vcp5-dt
  6. What happens if my internet get disconnected in the middle of doing VCA-DCV exam?
  7. Equalogic Management: iSCSI Connector via a VM Port Group
  8. VMware Learning Zone
  9. Vmware VM not able to resolve names
  10. Stanly Edu Re-newing vSphere license
  11. what are my option to run vmotion on home lab
  12. VCP class besides Stanly Community College?
  13. Host maintence - how often
  14. which VMware cert to get first?
  15. vSphere: Fast Track [V5.5] for guy never worked with Vmware
  16. Trying to administer Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 from a Windows 7 computer in a Workgroup?
  17. Home Lab
  18. Question about the network serial console
  19. vsphere web client 5.5 "local host was rejected"
  20. Can't talk to ESXi Host
  21. Stanly College: ICM Course Students - Software discounts
  22. vExpert: 2nd quarter
  23. Is the VCP-NV worth it ?
  24. True Story: When your bosses admit his mistake....
  25. Missing appropriate menu items under 'Configure for Remote Management' in Hyper-V Ser
  26. Communicating between Hyper-V Server and a laptop guest o/s (VMware Workstation)?
  27. Unable to ping vmware guest from another vmware guest
  28. VCP6-DCV Study center (help)
  29. VMware Log Insight
  30. vROPS example reports
  31. VMware NFS data stores
  32. Stanly May-July
  33. ESxi Losing Connectivity
  34. Assigning static IP to Autolab's router
  35. VCA-DCV and alternatives
  36. Anyone else get a free copy of Workstation 11 when they passed VCP?
  37. How the *bleep* am I going to pass the test?!
  38. Passing the VCP5-DCV with no networking/server experience
  39. About to acquire VCP5-DCV, will I have to re-take the class for VCP6-DCV?
  40. Home Lab Setup
  41. vCenter server is not displayed in the inventory list
  42. please delete
  43. Stanly Vsphere class expiration?
  44. Escalate VMware Partner Central SRs ?
  45. Failed delta exam
  46. ESXI6 Whitebox Suggestions
  47. The days of a nested lab on a 16GB RAM laptop are over I guess
  48. Someone in the QA department was asleep me thinks
  49. Vcp6-dcv
  50. VCP exams
  51. Sybex - Mastering vSphere 6 // Oh Oh
  52. NSX - L3 between Controller nodes
  53. VMware Design: SQL on it's own Datastore or Shared with dependant VM's
  54. vmware workstation? connect host only to internet?
  55. Does VMware send certificates when you pass?
  56. Storage API - VAAI, VASA
  57. windows iSCSI application
  58. vmware training/education
  59. Who here worked on large-scale vCloud Director implementations ?
  60. Do you agree with this?
  61. vCloud Director Design LoE
  62. vShield usage ?
  63. VCP6-Cloud
  64. Hyper-V RDP on different subnet
  65. Passed VCA-DCV
  66. VMUG UserCon NY/NJ 2015
  67. vSphere 6 released!
  68. Practice Tests for VCP-DCV??
  69. vSphere 6.0 ready for download
  70. Issues installing vmware tools from vSphere
  71. Passed VCP5 - DCV yesterday
  72. VCP recertification deadline extended, VCP6 discount if you've already recertified
  73. VCAP-DCA Prep Lab Tasks
  74. VCAP-DCA: Will I ever get it done...
  75. new ESXi/Netapp rollout. What am I missing?
  76. Test taking guidance
  77. VCAP Prerequisites dropped for VCDX-DT and VCDX-Cloud
  78. What is the 'desired' VCP cert I keep seeing in job postings?
  79. Vmware class that meets requirements. Link inside.
  80. VCP Training
  81. VCAP Desktop and Cloud retired as of ............ yesterday
  82. vmware cloud
  83. vROps 6.0.x migration project
  84. Mastering vSphere 6
  85. Just starting with VCP550-DCV
  86. VCP-NV and VCIX-NV for CCNA/CCNP/CCIE - Your questions answered
  87. Setup Linux Partitions onto single VMWare Hard Disks
  88. Array Design question
  89. vCops: Does it really need X amount of RAM to run?
  90. Create an isolated network in Vsphere ESXI 5.5 for training lab
  91. VCA-DCV as easy as it looks?
  92. Installing ESXi 5.5 question
  93. vExpert sub: Pluralsight now Annual Plus
  94. Lab building...
  95. Pros/Cons: vSAN vs SAN
  96. vSphere Client: Session Windows won't open....
  97. Opinions on learning VMW first
  98. Single iSCSI initiator
  99. Create a custom column in vSphere client
  100. VCA-NV....would it be a good starting point to Virtualization?
  101. selling ESXi 5.5 as a solution....
  102. any limitations for vmware esxi 5.5?
  103. Passed VCAP-DTA
  104. Question for those who've passed the 74-409 Exam
  105. KVM broke...now what?
  106. VCP-510 vs 550
  107. Hyper-V 2008 or 2012?
  108. Workstation to ESXi migration failure solution
  109. vCOPS locks you out of the console, oo no what do you do?
  110. Stanly Mar-May
  111. P2V: Multiple Partitions per server
  112. Gorebrush's virtual thread
  113. VCP-NV exam waivers extended to January 2016
  114. vCloud to support DOD/Fed
  115. QNAP Enterpise-grade NAS: VMware storage
  116. Issues cloning Linux VMs
  117. VCP550 exam advice........
  118. Dell C6100 and ESXi 5.5
  119. How long did it take for everyone to get into the Stanly VMware course?
  120. So after Stanly what?
  121. VMware Optimization Questions
  122. vExpert 2015
  123. VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6] - BETA (Beta) | Reston, VA (5 Days)
  124. w00 w00t - VMUG supports 3 hosts....
  125. Study material for esxi 5.5 VCP-550
  126. ESXi Cluster Design: Including a physical DC box?
  127. VMware Certification Changes - VCIX replaces VCAP
  128. vSphere 6 Training and Certification
  129. vSphere 6
  130. Anyone here use or trialed PureStorage/XtremIO/SolidFire?
  131. AutoLab
  132. Just Starting
  133. Take the VCP550D exam or wait for VCP6
  134. Passed VCA-DVC
  135. Dell R720 Hyper-V Host RAID Question
  136. Free Local Microsoft Cloud DevCamp - Limited Space
  137. Any new discount code for VCP exam?
  138. VMUG: NYC/Albany - Anyone here a member?
  139. Hyper-V or VSphere 5.5
  140. VM Disk Read Error - Undersubscribed VM
  141. vCOPS: How do I access the custom widget's panel
  142. Design Question: 3 or 4 nics per service or more?
  143. vSphere with Operations Manager
  144. VMware vCenter Server Appliance & Lab
  145. New to Vmware
  146. VCA-DCV - Worth the cost of the exam voucher?
  147. Vmware certified courses in NYC?
  148. Was my post deleted?
  149. New HOL
  150. vCenter Advanced Datacenter Design question
  151. VMUG Advantage now includes VMware's EVALExperience
  152. VMWare Networking
  153. Vcix-nv
  154. Complimentary VMware Workstation
  155. VCP5-DCV & Study Guide
  156. VMUG London Jan. 22nd
  157. Do you get a score/grade for the official VMware classes?
  158. Took VCP5 and failed
  159. path to learning/studying for VCP5-DCV
  160. How long will VCP 5.5 be available
  161. Server question for homelab
  162. Other courses available at community college online?
  163. Process for redeeming 70% discount on VCP5-DCV exam upon course completion?
  164. Memory Comprssion
  165. building home lab for VCP-DCV
  166. I see a lot of vExpert's flying around...
  167. Upgrade Order
  168. network adapter not recognize during esxi 5.x installation
  169. December Thirteith. The Date that shall live in the annals of FAIL
  170. SDRS: would 8ms and 65% space be a tad aggressive?
  171. VMware Certified Associate - Network Virtualization (VCA-NV) exam Released
  172. Vmware certification track reco
  173. Will this processor be good enough to run at least 4-5 vms?
  174. VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]
  175. Passed VCP-Cloud certified!!
  176. Workstation 11 problem
  177. Anyone ever use a NAS as a syslog server?
  178. Useful DCUI commands
  179. Memory Configration: What does this mean?
  180. VMware HCL List: Hard Drives?
  181. VCP Training Question
  182. freesco autolab not able to access from domain controlers, cant access outside netwrk
  183. Free VCP 5 BluePrint Studyguide from VEEAM
  184. VMware Certified Professional 6 Desktop (VCP6-DT)
  185. lab: weird connectivity issue
  186. Benefits and cons of EVC mode
  187. VM Swap File Location: Pro's/Con's
  188. Stanley Academic Discount
  189. still doubt about iSCSI thin provisioning and allocation
  190. Does this seem reasonable for a home lab for esxi?
  191. OpenStack .. devops model...agile method vs. support model
  192. VMware Hardware
  193. Voucher for VMWare DCV-VCA?
  194. VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam // Extended until March 10
  195. Staggered vApp Startup question
  196. Vdca550 voucher for Italy
  197. vm-ware or juniper
  198. P2V Clean-up: What things need to be done?
  199. 1st sucessfully VMware "live" cluster deployed
  200. VM Home Lab - Security Question
  201. Disaster Recovery solutions for VMWare environment?
  202. Stanly Jan-Mar
  203. failover/backup for physical server hosting 4 vms?
  204. Home Lab Tutorial
  205. Upgrading vCenter 5.1 to 5.5?
  206. VMware View Client 5.1 Class at DCCC
  207. MSE: When limiting a Resource pool for a DC MSE will freak out!
  208. Acronis 11.5: How do you integrate it into vCenter?
  209. Hyper-V Max Hardware
  210. VMware OpenStack
  211. How can i fix my host compliance issue when making a new esxi2 host?
  212. How long did you study for VCP-DCV before taking the exam?
  213. Windows NLB Unicast with VMWare and 'Notify Switches'
  214. 70-533 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure
  215. Scheduled the VCP-DCV 5.1 exam for December 17th
  216. VPN Dynamics
  217. EV42TMAN's VMware VCP Journey
  218. Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack Platform Course CL210
  219. Note to Self: Remember to plug iSCSI switch into UPS
  220. Where to start learning!
  221. Hyper-V in Win8 network connection issue.
  222. Do you understand IOPS?
  223. Passed 74-409 ! My thoughts
  224. Administration of VMs on a central server
  225. ESXI Whitebox
  226. Has anyone taken a VMware On-Demand Class recently?
  227. vExpert 2015 Applications Open
  228. csr1000v on vmware workstation
  229. VCP550 Exam Passed
  230. VCP-NV Breakdown
  231. Hyper V Replica
  232. Anyone setup up a Linux tftp server in VM Workstation?
  233. Beginning My Journey to VCP5-DCV (Completion in 7 weeks)
  234. Blade Recipe for Cisco UCS
  235. VCP5-DVC while doing school
  236. Resource Pools: What is a few examples of when this could be used
  237. VMware 5.0 Free to Hyper-V Checklist
  238. Horizon View 6 Certification
  239. ESXi with SSD help
  240. VMware EVO RAIL
  241. Issues with Dell memory on R710
  242. Great read about IOPS, latency and other metrics
  243. vCenter appliance cannot be reached on network
  244. Virtualization for IT Auditing: Learning Fundamentals and Earning Certification
  245. Building a lab at home. Thoughts?
  246. Anybody use ExaGrid?
  247. Nexus 1kv on 2012 R2
  248. Vipr & vCO - anyone worked with it?
  249. Thinking about pursuing the VCP-DV and have questions
  250. What study material did you use for your VCP exam?