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CompTIA Linux+
Exam Info
Exam code: XK0-002
Format: Conventional multiple choice
Number of questions: 98
Passing score: 675 (scale 100-900)
Exam objectives
Official Sample Questions

Practice Exams

Linux+ - 20 questions


Disks, Partitions, and Filesystems
Covers disks, primary, extended, and logical partions, LVM, file systems and related command utilities.

Covers running, managing, and scheduling processes, process I/O, and redirecting output.

Users and Permissions
Covers users, groups, managing permissions and ownership and advanced file permissions.

Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Covers performance monitoring and logging, and hardware troubleshooting.

Software Installation
Covers software installation, obtaining source code, and managing and installing RPM, tar, and gzip packages.

Bash and the Shell Environment
Covers bash shell, directory navigation, vi editor, and bash scripting.

Basic Networking
Covers network interface configuration, network connnectivity tools and basic network services.

Network Services *new*
Covers installing and configuring DNS, Apache, FTP, Sendmail, SAMBA and DHCP.

Boson - Download a Free Linux+ demo practice exam

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