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I've seen people who have passed the A+ who have 0 experience in IT. I look at the content of the exam objectives and the popular books such as Mike Myers and wonder how does someone digest all this information and pass. And from what I've been told its not an easy exam and full of trick questions. Do you study for like a year or something?
I passed the Network+ exam with 0 networking experience. So not having experience in I.T doesn't mean that you are doomed to fail. I was a computer tech before I took and passed the A+ exam. The best way to grasp the material is to either open up your computer and see how it works or build a system from scratch. That will help you take book knowledge and apply it through actual visualization. It doesn't take a year to study for any cert especially an A+. On average I would say from non IT experience to being exam ready should take no more then 3 to 4 month Max, that also depends on how much time each day you are studying. Don't sell yourself short. Check out Professor Messner A+ videos on Youtube also. You'll be fine.