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    Default "Tricky questions as always on a+os"

    Hi there, hope you all are fine as well for those who are preparing for the exam keep it up guys ,well for me i am on the exam next week and working as hell,
    i have found some questions which i am in trouble and as well might help a bit those who are preparing for the exam ,well think perhaps you can help on this would be great

    1.What must a windows 2000 system have to enable hibernate support?
    (a) Enough free disk space.
    (b) More than 128mb of ram.
    (c) At least a pentium 2 processor.
    (d) A ups to supply a steady power.

    2.Which of the following are required NT 4.0 startup files?
    (a) Ntldr.
    (b) Boot.ini.
    (c) winnt32.ini
    (d) Autoexe.bat.

    3.In windows 2000 which tool can an administrator use to add users to the local computer?
    (a) the user applet in the systems
    (b) user manager
    (c) add users
    (d) local user and groups in computer management

    4.your customer can only at 28.8kbps even with a 56kbps modem, the isp you work for has all v.90/x2 modems.what should you suggest?

    5.Which of the following are required 9x safe mode startup files?
    (a) io.sys.
    (b) config.sys
    (c) hard drive support
    (d) sound card support
    (e) ecp printing compatibility

    6.On a windows 2000 client machine which of the following tools are use to map a drive letter?

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    the questions about start up files should be easy for you to find out. they are in all a+ books.

    as for the hibernation question, as far as i know, this may be out of the realms of a+ objectives, but, if i remember right, the answer is that the operating system will need enough disk space to dump the contents of the ram to when it hibernates.

    do you have a copy of windows 2000 to get some hands-on experience with? visit the microsoft site in your region and see if there are evaluation copies available.
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    Default questions 3 and 4

    3. Local Users and Groups in Computer Management.

    4. The customer's modem probably has the 8-bit UART chip and needs the 16-bit UART.

    Good luck on the exam!
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    Default Answers

    1. A - to go into hibernation the computer needs to have enough free disk space to copy the contents of RAM to a file on the hard disk.
    2. There are 7 start up files 2 of which are here A and B other possible candidates are ntdetect.com, bootsect.dos, ntoskrnl.exe, ntbootdd.sys and hal.dll.
    3. D
    4. Latest drivers and a line check. The hardware is only as good as the software that runs it and vice-versa so update to the latest drivers, the modem can only run at full speed if the telephone line is good enough to support that speed.
    5. Probably safer to work backwards here - do you need printing and sound? No. Win 9x doesn't need config.sys to boot either so looks like you are left with A and C.
    6. 1. NET USE (command line) 2. Can be mapped through explorer (right click My Computer select 'map network drive').

    good luck
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