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    Default Opinions for 901 and 902

    Hello guys/gals.

    I am thinking of writing my own 901 & 902 course.

    Going to start out with 901 for now with free written material and later videos. (I don't do cheap crappy material by the way)

    My question to you all was: How do I make it better?

    Not the material itself but its delivery.

    For those of you who have taken A+ before from any provider:


    How could I make it better?

    One idea comes to mind is when I took my A+ I studied for it. I watched some 10-20hrs? of CBTnuggets videos. I would have loved if they had a separate video series that was way shorter(1-3hrs) for established IT Techs who just need the paper (Cert) and a brief brush-up of the knowledge.

    Any other ideas?


    * I also wanted to add, if you should decide to comment please let me know what your IT level of experience is. I am an advanced techie so I want to make sure I tailor a delivery. Thanks! *
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    Just curious, Why ? make money ?
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