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    Default Offerings from Safari Books Online

    I just discovered that Safari seems to already have 901 and 902 course materials, so I don't have to wait for FEDVTE to update. I'm curious though, is there a certain book series or author that is preferred, easier to read, more specific or covers more info? My choices are:
    Cert Guide by Soper, and Prowse
    All in one exam guide 9th ed by Meyers
    Complete review guide by McMillan
    Complete Study Guide by Doctor, Dulaney, and Skandier
    Exam Cram by Prowse
    Mike Meyers Cert Passport by Meyers and Everett
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    Go to a bookstore and look at their selection.

    I prefer Meyers and Sybex texts.
    Others like different authors. You will need to see which suits your taste best.

    Cram books and Passport are great review materials for folks who have previously tested, have a ton of experience and merely need to take the exam, or as a complimentary text to what you are already using.
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    I like to check out Amazon reviews for cert books. If Darrill Gibson has an A+ (my A+ is from the pre-Gibson era) book, I'd check the reviews for it. His Sec+ book is very readable.

    Upgrading and Repairing PCs by Scott Mueller can be useful too. I have seen editions of that title in Safari (unlimited subscription) in the past.

    @Plantwiz That is some very sound advice about the cram and passport books.
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