Hello. So I will be taking 901 on Monday, 12/19, and I've been studying my butt off. I took an A+ Certification Prep course at my college that actually just ended a couple of days ago. I have a giant, 1100 page book from the class that I use to study with and I've been watching Professor Messer videos as well. I take practice tests on exam compass.

My question is for anyone who has taken the 901, is it a pretty difficult exam? Before this class that I took and before all of the studying I've been doing, I wasn't knowledgeable, at all, about everything pertaining to computers. I still don't fully understand most of it to this day, which makes me worried about my exam on Monday.

I know whoever has taken it isn't allowed to give out specifics of the exam but I just want to know if it will be very difficult for someone like me and if what I'm studying is enough before Monday. Thank you!