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    Red face Realistic? Take before end of the year...

    Thursday I was told that my job description (Network Administrator) is being altered to include requiring the A+ tech certification and that I have 90 days to obtain the certification.

    A bit about me, prior Navy (11 years), Network LAN/WAN administrator since 1998 (Unix, Linux, Windows (all versions.) I also have my CISSP and have worked in the security field for many years.

    Computers are also my hobby, between building machines... doing a lot with Linux, and Windows (server, and desktop.)

    I'm approaching this A+ tech certification going through all the material on Dr. Messer's site, additionally I purchased last year a subscription to Careeracademy and am going through it also. Additionally I have purchased the Mike Meyers Comptia A+ all in one-exam guide off of Amazon.

    Not sitting on my butt walking into it thinking that I've got XX number of years, because I don't want to be blind-sided by something that I should have known.

    I believe this is the right approach for me, would like to know anyone's thoughts.

    Any CBTs that better than any other for exam prep?

    I also have a lab with everything from Windows (server/desktop), MAC (desktop) , and Linux (server/desktop).
    Have little to no experience with Android, but have a lot of experience with Apple Phones.

    Thanks in advance...
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    People here will likely tell you to buy David Prowse's Exam Cram book. It also comes with a cd with test exams and what not. I'm currently using it to study with as we speak.
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