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    Default My first post here.....

    OK....this is my first post here......

    Personally....I am armed with the CompTIA A+ 5th Edition Taining Guide by Charles Brooks from QUE and PrepLogic as well as the PrepLogic Premium Practice Tests, Audio Exams, Audio Lecture Series, and some assorted pdf practice tests......I keep hitting mid 600's to mid 700's on both OS and Hardware.....so i am scared I am not ready.

    Question is.....how much of this is actually covered? I had a buddy of mine tell me I will be over prepared. He said there were tons of questions that had nothing to do with the material but had more to do with ethics ... ie " You are called to fix a printer at an accountant's office and notice several bank files open on the desktop. Do you: A.) fix the printer B.) Take a peak at the financial info C.) Make copies of the data..... blah blah.....

    Any truth to this. Just how prepared do I really NEED to be. Me and my wife's future depends on this certification...... I really need to pass it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    First, welcome to the Forums!

    The questions that you get, will depend strictly on the luck of the draw. No doubt, you're going to get some ethics questions. After all, you will be dealing with customers. I don't care what position you work at, you are going to have to face the customer guy sometime.

    Go to the CompTIA site, http://certification.comptia.org/a/default.aspx, and get a copy of the exam objectives. You can be examined about anything on that list.

    I have used the Preplogic Practice exams for several tests. I think that they are very good.

    Just be careful about what PDF you use. Some of those things are nothing but brain dumps and are illegal, and cheating, and would be contrary to your agreement with CompTIA. Some PDF are OK. Generally free study guides come in PDF format. But lists of questions having the word actual or real in the title, need to be avoided. You can Google them, and they will generally brag about being a brain dump. Just be sure to use the legal ones.

    Good luck you and your wife!
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    Welcome to the site!

    As janmike already covered, get the objectives this will give you the guide to what CompTIA expects an A+ candidate to know for their exams.

    Check out the TechNotes and Practice Exams above to test yourself for areas that you know and areas that you may need more work.
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