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    Default Old Test vs. New Test

    Okay, I read all of the various information on the tests and thechanging of them during this year. If I could I would like to summarize it and see if my thinking is coorect.

    The old test, 2003 Hardware and OS, can still be taken through June 30, 2007. You need to pass both tests to be A+ certified by CompTIA. Also both tests must be passed within 90 days of each other, Correct?

    After June 30, 2007 the new 2006 test kicks in and you must pass A+ Essentials plus one of the following, 602/603/604/ or 605, correct?

    Also both of these tests must be passed within a 90 day period of each other?

    If I was to study for the old test, 2003 Hardware and OS, which one would someone recommend to start with first? Hardware or OS?

    I hope I don't sound to silly asking this but I have access to study materials on the old stuff, 2003 for free and once I pass individuals sections I will be allowed to take the test for free one time. If I don't pass the first time then the dime is on me.

    Also does anybody recommend taking a class as opposed to just buying books and studying on your own?

    Thanks for any input. I'm trying to finish up my Network+ this week.
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    Some of your information is correct.

    You have untiil June 30, 2007 to complete the old objectives.
    You have to pass both exams within 90 days of each other.
    If you do not, you will be left with the 2006 objectives (and it's not a bad thing to take this exam).

    I recommend taking the exams the same day, though many others prefer taking one then the other. My reasoning is you work with Hardware/Software simulatenously during the day when you are a tech and too much emphasis is spent thinking of the exams as separate......Regardless, the choice is yours...do what you think is best for you.

    Unless you have someone paying for the exams for you, each time you need to take an exam...the expense is yours. No retakes for 'free' no first exams for 'free' unless your employer has a deal with you about this.

    Use the Objectives (whichever flavor you decide you want to take)
    Meyers and/or Sybex are very good books to use to prepare for the exams
    The Practice Exams on this site and the TechNotes have helped many understand topics on the exam.
    This forum community will also help you if you need it and ask for some help (hint: keep your questions clear and concise and use good subject lines for the best results).


    Best Wishes
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    ***I'll add you can Capitalize the word 'I' to show a little respect for yourself too.

    'i' before 'e' except after 'c'.... weird?
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