one of the best ways to learn something is to just roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty.

if you are new to computers, you should take the casing off your computer and look inside. compare what you see to what you are told in your text books.

compare the slots, chips, etc.

if you have the money, you can buy atleast one second-user computer to play with. take it apart. replace the components.

one thing i suggest you do is to remove the ribbon from the back of the floppy drive, replace it the wrong way and reboot the machine. this is one of the simplest mistakes to make, and one that is easiest to forget about. notice how the light on the front of the floppy drive stays on permanently?

ebay can be a source of second-user components and i have bought items via their auctions myself.

of course, if you have access to several computers, you can network them together.

i would suggest that if you do have several lab computers, that you also have different operating systems on them. the o/s exam covers win9x, nt and win2k as well as some dos. multi-boot systems make excellent lab machines.

do you have a lab? what have you got in it?