Windows NT is one of the o/s covered in the exam. It may be an old o/s, but not all businesses upgrade either their hardware, software or o/s everytime there is a new version released.

NT differs from Windows 2000 in many ways. You may actually be questioned on some of those differences.

If you were able to get hold of both of these o/s they would be great additions to your lab, and will also help network+ certification if you choose to take it.

Dual-booting and multi-booting is a great thing to have in your lab, especially if you only have one pc, to gain experience with several operating systems.

Because NTwill not recognise FAT32 partitions and logical drives, it is important that if Windows 95 or 98 is the original o/s on your pc that it is installed on a FAT partition and not FAT32.

FAT can be changed to FAT32 via Drive Converter, but it cannot be changed back.

As NT will not see the FAT32 partition as it is being installed, it will see a partitioned but unformatted drive and format it to FAT - hence deleting your previous version of windows.