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    Default CCDA Study Guide Second Edition

    I have just received the 2nd Edition od Tod Lammle and Andy Barkl from Sybex.
    Unlike most of the Sybex offering this just doesn't cut it. There is nowhere enough detail on SAFE, AVVID IP Telephony, or IPv6 to even come close to passing the exam.
    My major criticism is of Cisco who hold us in such contempt that they produce a new exam without any training books or syllabus! The overview is so inadequate that they could examine us on Avionics and still be within the overview - way too general.
    Without a realistic syllabus we will only pass it by luck.
    I have had three goes at it and new questions and topics every time. I still don't know what they intend to examine me on. Is this just a cynical dash for cash on Cisco's part as it's cost me AUD$720 for the exams so far.
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    BobR, i heard about the book and also heard it wasnt the best to prepare with. I was in another forum and some one actually suggested the following links. Check it out. It's surely going to be helpful. TheY are for SAFE ARCHITECTURE and VoIP respectively



    This might still help:

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