So 4 weeks in and I wish Id never started.

Id say 50% of this would have been useful if i was just finishing uni or beginning my job in a global multi site network. The rest is a mix of what people have called Cisco marketing (biased...) and I read some stuff that I believe is CCIE level stuff (Like DMVPN or VPLS - which I know from reading CCIE blogs - although they are only brief explanations).

I feel really negative about this cert so far due to the BS propaganda thats in there page in page out (Edge Modules ffs.... ) and the way the questions are described by people on here - I'm sure I read that there's a question about Spanning Tree somewhere that recommends PVST+ above all else for example. They're saying its very a very biased exam basically.

Im really not enjoying this. Which in itself is also frustrating as I know how valuable this cert is to have and also how useful it would be to my current and future jobs.

I read your post Instant000.... I think Ill have a look at ARCH and the design zone as you suggested. Thats if I've still got the heart to do it.