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    Default Cisco NAT cannot configure.

    Hello, i want to configure NAT static on my router so it can send data to other router.

    I will try to explain everything here.
    So i have 2 PC's hooked up to a switch, which is connected to a router1. PC1 IP: PC2 IP: (both masks
    My router1 eth0/0 is with a mask. router1 is connected to another switch via eth4/1 port and this switch is connected to a router2 which is connected to router3 via s2/0 and mask, but router3 is not useable its just connected as external network.

    I haven't set eth4/1 or router2 eth0/0 ip's cause i dont really know what ip's to use..

    If anyone can help me i'd be really grateful.
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    Regarding IP addressing, NAT is primarily used to convert private IP addresses to a public IP address so you would not use a 195.x.x.x address for a host when using NAT. Try using address from the range,, range.
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