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    Default Pushed back ICND2 exam date

    I decided to push my ICND2 exam back another 2-3 weeks. Starting to frustrate me. This is the 2nd time I've delayed it. I keep getting blind-sided with my work schedule (a lot of overtime + travel) and have had almost no time to study. I've been watching Wallace and Bryant, along with doing some labs. Speaking of labs, my labbing is not where it should be, which is another reason why I plan on pushing the exam back. I took a Boson the other day just to see where I stand. Ended up with a mid-700. Questions that involved commands crushed me - which is why I need to step up my lab game.

    It's easy to get discouraged but knowing that you're almost there is motivating. Now is the time to rise up and go get it!
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    I absolutely agree with you.
    My ICND2 exam is dated next Monday on 29th Feb.
    I feel like I already mastered all the topics covered in ICND2 and it's truly motivating.
    I hope I will pass a min of 900 or above on the real exam

    Just keep learning and have a good luck for your future-exam!
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