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    Default GNS3 setup wizard, what to choose?

    Hi all,

    trying to install GNS3 for the first time. When the setup wizard came up, I'm not sure what to choose because I don't understand the choices:
    • Run modern IOS (IOSv or IOU), ASA and appliances from non Cisco manufacturers.
    • Run only legacy IOS on my computer
    • Run everything on a remote server (advanced usage)
    I just need it for CCENT labbing for now, which one to choose?

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    Honestly for ccent I would go with packet tracer. It will have all the features you need and is a lot easier to setup.

    Also packet tracer, as it's name implies, allows you to trace the packet as it traverses the network and shows what actions are taken at each hop.

    It even gives you a reason why the packet was dropped or sent in a certain direction
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    I concur that for CCENT/CCNA it's probably more convenient to use Packet Tracer. It has a very rich feature set that really aids in the learning process.

    If you still want to go GNS3 though, David Bombal has an excellent series on Youtube on setting up GNS3 in multiple ways. He is the go to guy on anything GNS3 related.
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