I have been looking over these forums for a long time, used the Net+ notes and have passed my A+ and Net+ due to a lot of info from this site. Thanks Webmaster!!

My Question: I'm attending a CCNA class at University of Central Florida, we have a lab which I have 24/7 access to but it is a pain to get to (due to work, classes and reserved times so everyone has access). The lab has 2 2501 routers, 1 1601, 1 2610, another 2500 series (acts as frame relay so we never do anything else with it) a series 400 fast hub, and a 1900 switch.

Do to my time restrictions I have deccided to buy my own equipment.

Off Ebay, I've purchased 1x 2513 Router (IOS 11.x), 3x 2501 Routers (IOS 12.2), a Catalyst 1900 switch (12 10MB ports with 2 100MB ports), all inclusive for $245 shipped to my door. Cables have been alittle extra, and I'm still looking for 3 more aui transceivers. I am worried about VLAN's and what I will need. At school we use 2610 router, hub and switch (or so I'm told, haven't gotten that far yet). I have been looking for a Catalyst 2900 series (a 2926-xl was recommended in the CCNP forums on this site, would any 2900 do?) and a 2600 router, which will also allow me to use them for my CCNP.

Am I going overboard? I am definately a hands on type of person, and if the 2600 series router and the 2900 switch will give me the experience I need, I am willing to go for it. I was jsut looking for some advice.