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    Default 640-822 ICND1 Voucher or Promo Code

    Hi i am ready to take the ICND1 640-822 exam soon

    Is anyone able to spare a voucher or promo code on pearson vue ?

    Much appreciated !

    I have the book but unsure where to look for a code (if there is any in the book? )

    I am located in New Zealand if that helps
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    Hi chiggah
    I don't know which book you have in mind. I got Odom (for ICND1) as an ebook and there was no PV promo code. It would've been nice.

    (For some reason, PV exams are more expensive (at least for us Aussies) than Cisco Press claims - they say it's US$125 for ICND1 (or 2) "or worldwide equivalent". However, it's AU$175 (=US$178 ?!))
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