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    Question "No Internet Connection" on lab pc

    I'm setting up a lab to mimic the network here at work and I'm wondering what is needed to make windows believe that there is Internet access. This isn't really required for what I'm doing, but I'd love the connection icon to look like it normally does. Is this possible? Or if it's easier...how could I prevent the lab eirgp statements from propagating out to the prod network? Can I disable that for a specific port?

    Lab Equipment and other info...
    3275 as FR switch
    3x 2610
    1x 2610XM

    2x 3560 (1 is a v2 & both are the 48PS models)
    2x 3550 (PoE)

    1x ASA 5505 (max mem)

    The reason for the lab build is that I'm finishing the config for some RiverBed equipment and wanted to do some simulation of our network before sending the devices out, but I'll also be using it to finish studying for the CCNA (hopefully before the new version kicks in).
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    Put an IP address on the PC and plug it into the switch.
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