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    Wink Passed the 210-260, My Thoughts

    Study Materials ranked in order of recommendation:

    1. 31 Days before your CCNA Security exam - Well-structured detailed information. I bought the web version, read the text, and watched the videos to drive each topics into my brain. The quizzes, detail, and easy format make this the best source in my opinion.

    2. Boson Practice exam - This is the best practice exam I've seen. Obviously, these are not the exact questions on the test, but the level of detail the explanations go into is very good. I went through each question and answer, figuring out what each answer entails(wrong or not), and researched each question further with the white page links provided in each question.

    3. CBT Nuggets CCNA Security course (with support files) - Keith gives good overviews of topics in his videos and helps you learn the systems for the real world environments. I labbed GNS3 as instructed in his videos and learned the ins and outs of each topic as described on the blue print. LAB WITH HIM. Get comfortable with ASDM,

    4. Transcender Practice Exam (included with cbt subscription) - A good practice test that will reinforce topics all ready learned. There are random IPv6 questions in here and a couple of questions in which they are just flat-out wrong. CoPP DOES support distributed switching, for example. And there are some spelling mistakes, but practice exams are very important and I recommend more than just Boson.

    5. Udemy Chris Bryant Videos - Chris is currently refreshing the series for 210-260 so you may want to wait a couple months. I noticed a couple things he said were flat-out incorrect as well. DHCP snooping does NOT need to be trusted on the access ports (obviously) and the ASA default mode is routed, but other than that he does a good job of explaining topics. Also, lab with him.

    The 210-260 test itself. I felt there were some questions, despite all of my studying, where I had to do a "best guess". As in, there was a finely detailed question that it would be very difficult know point-blank. You could rule out some answers but not all. I finished with 15 minutes to spare,(and I wrote notes for questions I had issues with) so I recommend narrowing the possibilities down and taking your best guess and moving forward without regret.

    Yes, there were plenty of questions which were easy and quickly moved on.

    The exact version of Firewall you practice with isn't a big deal for the exam, as the simulation question I experienced is bare-bones and easy to configure. It was not "Buggy" like many others mentioned. It was however, difficult to navigate between windows and the simulation window was too big for the exam window. You have to scroll within the simulation windows multiple times. You have to click the exam titlebars, not the titlebars built in with the Sim. All that said, I aced it just fine.

    If I could travel back in time and give myself advice:

    Go with the first 4 options, know them and internalize the topics, ask why, compare like tachnologies, and take the test a month sooner. I tend to over-prepare and wasted time with the Udemy vids.

    Good Luck to all.
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