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    Default exercise with ip phones and Qos in MPLS/VPN

    Hy guys,

    I need to find a solution for this exercise.

    1. You are the CSE and you are meeting with a customer that has a technical problem. Your customer has a central site with Call-manager, IP phones and 4 remote sites.
    2. Each site connects to an MPLS/VPN via frame-relay between PE and CE. At the remote sites there are also IP phones. Each site has a 2M pipe towards the MPLS/VPN cloud. Every site (CE) has QOS configured.

    - The customer complains about intermittent bad voice quality
    - Help solve the customer’s problem.

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    I'm probably not far along enough in my studies yet to know but you could try using a different codec. If its intermittent it would be a bandwidth problem. Look at the table below and you can see G.729 has a low bandwidth. You need to make sure that the phones support the codec though. G.729 is good used on WAN links.


    Global Knowledge Training Blog » Cisco IP Phone Audio*Codecs

    That's as far as my knowledge goes so far, not sure about QOS yet but obviously you will want to prioritise voice.

    Anyone else feel free to add, as I would be interested to know the answer too
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