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    I have three phones that are all configured and working, along with a server running vmware and some VMs. I can ping all three phones from inside the windows server vm and then go to register the phone in cucm and only one auto populates. The one that did register however, has no ip address attached to it? And when I manually create the others they don't have ip's either. What might be wrong?
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    If I am reading this correctly, you have the phones configured in CUCM, and they are not registering, is that correct?

    What version of CUCM, and what phones?

    Can you ping the phone from CUCM (utils network ping <ip address>)?

    Is option 150 configured in DHCP?

    Where the phones ever registered to another CUCM? If so, you may be running into certificate issues. Quick solution is a factory reset (just search for the phone model and "factory reset." It is usually reboot the phone while holding down the # key, they press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 #, but there are sometimes little nuances.)
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