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    Default Mutliple WLANs mapped to Single interface

    Hi Guys,

    I have a setup where I have 2 SSIDs mapped to the same interface on the Cisco WLC, I.E. SSID 1 and SSID 2 Mapped to interface 1 on the same WLC. Is there any issue with doing this? I am having reports that some users are experiencing timeouts when waiting for an IP address from DHCP (also provided by the controller)
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    Hi Scales,

    Make sure that interface 1 is connecting back to a switch that is in trunk mode and allowing what vlans you want to trunk across the link. Are the SSIDs in different vlans?

    For DHCP you would be better to run this on a L3 switch, or Windows server vs on the controller.

    I have 3 SSIDs connecting to my port 1 with no issues, but my controller is not doing any DHCP.

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