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    Default Read only ASDM with Tacacs+

    I'm trying to give access to some users on my ASA's via Tacacs+ on our ACS

    On the ACS I did the following

    -Added ASA to the ACS
    -Created User
    -Created Shell profile giving Priv 5
    -Created a command set for all commands
    -Created auth profile for said user with the shell profile and all commands, command set.

    On the ASA I set up AAA authentication and authorization for HTTP then used the predefined user roles which sets Priv 5 as read only.

    When I log in I can make changes on the config menu.

    If I change the AAA to the local DB and create a user with Priv 5 it works as expected. I can get to the config menu but when I apply changes it says I don't have rights to do so.

    When I do a a curpriv from ASDM on both the local account and the tacacs account they show as priv level 5.

    I'm not sure what I'm missing.
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    Have you tried using this line yet?
    aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ local
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