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    Default Anyone else studying or have studied for the SENSS 300-206 recently?

    Hey All,

    Not sure if there is anyone else out there who has been studying or has studied and passed the SENSS exam but any helpful hints on maybe what Cisco is looking for you to study especially on the section below? mostly looking at like 6.2 and 6.3. Digging for information on your own and trying to guess what the blueprint is really looking for is a little tough without an OCG or something to hint at what they are looking for. Also if there is any other poor soul out there like me who is attempting to study for this exam perhaps we can exchange a list of study materials to see any of us have found good resources or different whitepapers on the topics that may be on the exam? I came up empty on the Cisco community forums as well.

    12% 6.0 Security Components and Considerations
    6.1 Describe security operations management architectures
    6.1.a Single device manager vs. multi-device manager
    6.2 Describe Data Center security components and considerations
    6.2.a Virtualization and Cloud security
    6.3 Describe Collaboration security components and considerations
    6.3.a Basic ASA UC Inspection features
    6.4 Describe common IPv6 security considerations
    6.4.a Unified IPv6/IPv4 ACL on the ASA
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    I've been on again/off again for a while with this exam as life has kept getting in the way of studying. Thankfully I have access to Skillport and Books 24/7 through work, so I've had access to books and videos.

    Now for the section you list specifically, take a look at this breakdown from the Cisco Learning Network which gives books and docs from the Cisco site that relate to each section. It shows the Cisco SAFE Architecture and a video as the source for that material. You can find the SAFE Reference Guide here.
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