Based on their website, I should follow these steps to generate a CSR but
it didn't mention anything about generating a private key. Any help will be appreciated. thx

Step1 In the navigation bar, click System Configuration .

Step2 Click ACS Certificate Setup .

Step3 Click Generate Certificate Signing Request .

CiscoSecure ACS displays the Generate new request table on the Generate Certificate Signing Request page.

Step4 In the Certificate subject box, type cn= followed by the name that you would like to use as subject name in this ACS certificate, for example, cn=ACSWireless.

Step5 In the Private key file box, type the full directory path and name of the file in which the private key is saved, for example, c:\privateKeyFile.pem.

Step6 In the Private key password box, type the private key password (that you have invented).

Step7 In the Retype private key password box, retype the private key password.

Step8 From the Key length list, select the length of the key to be used.