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    Question ARP issue, I see same IP on all interfaces

    Can someone suggest it to me, when i ping my internal host which should be only on eth1 as per Keith barker cbt lab, i see it coming in arp on all interfaces of my firewall eth0,1,2.

    Please see below:

    [Expert@HQ-FW1:0]# arp -a? ( at 00:0C:29:4F:C8:22 [ether] on eth1
    ? ( at 00:0C:29:0F:5A5 [ether] on eth2
    ? ( at 00:0C:29:0F:5A5 [ether] on eth0
    ? ( at 00:0C:29:0F:5A5 [ether] on eth1
    ? ( at 00:0C:29:E0:CE:8A [ether] on eth2
    ? ( at <incomplete> on eth0
    ? ( at 00:50:56:C0:00:02 [ether] on eth1
    ? ( at 00:0C:29:4E:72:3E [ether] on eth1
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    What is your source and destination IP? What interface does your source and destination hosts come from/go to?
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    If you're doing any clustering it could be magic mac

    didnt realize how old this post was
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