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    Default 70-662 Flashcards and Practice exams

    Hi Everybody,

    I am preparing for 70-662 exam. I am working with MS Exchange for last two years and thought its time to get the certification. My employer booked me a 5-day training course starting in 2 weeks time which follows MS 10135A course materials. I have a virtual lab set up to practice the lab sessions both at home and work.

    Now, I would need your advice on acquiring flashcards and practice exams. I had a look at Transcender flashcards and practice exams; they will cost me $139.

    Is it worth spending? Is any other practice test provider will do better?

    Thanks for your reply in advance...
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    you could use the selftest version: 70-662 Microsoft TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring from selftestsoftware.com

    Both Transcender and Selftest exams are made by the same company only the Selftest exams seem to be a cut down version of the Transcender exam hence the reason why it is cheaper. You may want to think about the 30 day online option if you dont want to pay for the full product
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    MSCE NT4, A+, Security+, MCTS 70-640 and 70-642.
    Hi afriend, How did it go?
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