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    Default Cyber Security Training

    Hello World,

    I am new to the world of Cyber Security, and I have the opportunity to work in both red and blue team environment.

    I am planning on starting my studies within the field, and the subjects that I have looked at are to certify my self in Cisco's latest cyber ops program, and CEH as a starter.

    Is there anything else you guys would recommend, and difficulties that may lie within the programs. I was also considering studying for A+, network+, security+ to have a better understanding for the cyber world.

    Can someone recommend a nice road map for me. I have at least 4 hours of study time a day in my schedule.
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    Hi Vesalius, first I would read through the stickies in the Security section of our forum: Security Certifications Forums.

    In general, it depends highly on which area of security you want to specialize in. Security+ knowledge is always a great base to start with.
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    I say skip the A+. The Net+ material is good, but just read the book and skip the cert itself.

    Security+ is a good foundation like JoJo said. I hear mixed reviews about CEH. Seems like most people get it because of HR requirements or the fact that it sounds cool. Doesn't make you a "hacker" though.
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    It really depends on the base layer of knowledge you are working from.

    If you are still fairly new to IT in general, or could benefit from reinforcing that knowledge, I would say go ahead and knock out the A+. It really does lay a good foundation.

    Given the amount of overlap that seems to be in all of the CompTIA exams, I would recommend going for the Network+ as well. In addition to building that foundation, you will have experience with a test that is fairly well written (A+), and one that has a reputation for being poorly written (Network+).

    With both of those under your belt, the Security+ will be 60% review, so you can focus on learning the additional material.

    Personally, I would skip the CEH. IF the red/blue environments you have available recommend it, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, it seems to be a waste of time. Since your goal is the Cisco CyberOps certification, I would go for the CCNA or CCNA:Security next. Cisco is still a networking company, and the additional knowledge gained from the CCNA/CCNA:S would only benefit you.

    From there, you have a couple of paths. Either go for the CyberOps, or look at the practical path of eJPT->OSCP.

    Just my opinion, but that would set you up pretty well. By the way, if one of your opportunities is federal, switch the Network+ and Security+.

    1. A+
    2. Network+
    3. Security+
    4. CCENT
    5. CCNA
    6. CCNA:Security
    7. Pick one: Cisco CyberOps or eJPT
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    Network+ and Security+ would be a good start. You don't need to be a network guru to pass security+ however a basic understand of networks is required, which you'd get (and more) with network+. In my personal opinion it's strongly advisable to take Network+ before your Security+.

    Be advised there's only two books right now on Amazon for the Cisco CyberOps exam (one book for each exam) and they aren't very well reviewed. I'm also interested in the Cisco Cyberops certification however I've decided to wait a year or two until better study guides come out. Also note, the CCNA Security and CCNA CyberOps are vastly different. Unless you intend on making a career in networking, CCNA Security isn't what you're looking for. Until better material comes out for Cyber Ops, you might want to try Network+, Security+ and perhaps CSA+ in the mean time.

    Last but not least, CEH doesn't have the best reputation of the bunch. Like someone else already pointed out, if it's a requirement for your position you should go for (it being a requirement, your job might even reimburse examination fees) but if it isn't, you should think about it carefully. Examination fees went up to $950 which is pretty expensive IMO for an exam that doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation.

    Last but not least, if you're leaning more towards a red team type of job, OSCP should be your ultimate goal.
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