Hello everyone,

I am a new in IT Security field. A little background of mine:
- Bachelor field: Computer networking and Cyber security
- 2.5 years to be a Software Support engineer for System Monitoring products.
- Currently working on SIEM products as Pre-sale and post-sale

Currently, I am looking forward to become a Security Monitoring & Analysis engineer.
Here's is my career goals:
- Having knowledge and certifications on Network and System admin as basic knowledge for IT Security fields: I have completed CCNA (certified), MCSA and Linux Administration (LPI courses).
- Prepare for IT Security field: I choose to start from CEH course (completed) cause according to my understanding, this course equips all the basic and required skills about security. I will take CEH exam by the end of this months.
- After that, I am aiming to complete the following:
+ CHFI (For analysis and investigation skills)
+ SANS GMON Certifications
+ Others if required

Is there any thing that I should correct/improve/change above? I really want to receive your advice as I figured out above strategy by myself and I don't know if I got it right.

Thank you for your reading and response,
regards, Michael