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    Default Skillset Questions - are they worth it?

    I am soon going to book in the CEH exam and plan to study + do questions regularly to test my knowledge and make sure I'm on the right path.

    I have two main questions:

    1) One big attraction with them is they pay for your re-take if you don't pass, but that's only if you're "100% exam ready". The cynical/realistic side of me is thinking that you only get that if you get like 100 questions right in a row, so obviously you are going to pass, in other words getting "100% exam ready" may be almost impossible. Is that fair?

    2) are the quality of the questions good? I did 25 of the free ones they offer and they were OK but I wasn't sure how valuable they were. Also it didn't tell me which questions I got wrong and why - I'm assuming the paid version tells you?

    My Aims
    2017: OSCP -
    2018: CISSP -
    in progress

    Possible Others: OSCE, MCSA

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    I'm also using skillset questions for CEH preparation, but I can't recommend you to buy even 1 month subscription due to low quality of questions. Free edition in enough.

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