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    Default First Post Looking for General Advice

    Hi Guys,

    In September I will be undertaking a masters course "MSc Network Professional" for 13 months.
    This course also includes the CCNA.

    I have 4 months until the course starts and I was curious (Looking at all your qualifications!!!) Which would be good to take on over the next 4 months and also which I could fit into my course when it starts.

    I have an interest in networking and systems, and really want to have many options and a good wage when I start.

    Any advice would be much appreciated??


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  2. SS
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    What's your current level of experience/technical knowledge?

    If you're a beginner, you might want to look at the Network+, and start developing a foundation for the CCNA.

    What does the rest of the program cover?
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    Default I agree

    I agree with dynamik, If you intersted in the CCNA and you dont have any certs currently i would bgin with the Network+ as well. Its a good stepping stone to CCNA and will lay a good foundation on how topologies work.
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    I have a general understanding but in the technical world I would come accross as a Beginner.

    The rest of the Masters course would cover,

    Networking modules
    • LAN design and implementation • internetworking switches and routers • WAN design and implementation

    Other modules
    • IT project management • change management and systems implementation • web application design and modelling • network security • wireless networks • professional integrative project


    And as I mentioned the CCNA


    The Network qualification you mention, is that the CompTIA one? How long would this take to prepare for?

    Lets say I have 20 free hours a week
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    CompTIA A+/Network+ for beginner...

    Then if you job is related to Novell, then move to CNA/CNE, Cisco move to CCNA/CCNP, MS product, then move to MCSA/MCSE.

    For advanced level certification which depend on your professional career in the field, SANS, CISSP, CCIE ...etc

    However, a MS degree on CS/IS or MBA also help.

    The most important is experience.
    Kill All Suffer T "o" ReBorn
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