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    GSEC, GCFW, GCIA, GCIH, GWAPT, GAWN, GPEN, GCFE, GCFA, GMON, OSWP, SFCP, SnortCP, Sec+; expired: CCNA (R&S, Security, Wireless), WCNA
    I had ambitious plans to play catch-up to my peers but it evolved / changed course somewhat depending on mood, career outlook fine-tuning, among other things. I was completely non-certified until last December when I got my CCNA after a month's study, and that was only because a friend did a bootcamp and I decided to go along for the ride. That got me started on my cert-collecting journey.

    My 2010 (in order of study attempts / exams):

    • 70-680 (studied for a few weeks, got bored, deferred indefinitely)
    • CCNA Security
    • Network+
    • Security+
    • GSEC
    • CISSP (studied for a couple of weeks, got bored, deferred until maybe next year)
    • 70-640 (studied for a few weeks, got bored, deferred indefinitely)
    • A+
    • OSWP
    • eCPPT (currently working through it, although might not make the exam deadline)
    • 1DCPT (went through course, submitted somewhat-incomplete exam report due to vacation time running out)
    • WCNA
    • CCNA Wireless

    It looks like a lot at first glance, but you can see they're all low-hanging fruits. So that's eight exams accomplished this year so far (well, technically nine since the A+ is two exams ... but it's A+). For the rest of year, I can either officially finish up the 1DCPT and eCPPT, or maybe go for one of the CCNP exams or a CCDA. Choices, choices...

    2011, on the other hand, will be a serious challenge with the harder exams (GCIA / GCFW, CCNP, etc.).
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  2. SS
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    Quote Originally Posted by docrice View Post
    • GSEC
    • eCPPT
    • WCNA
    I like the way you call GSEC low hanging (seems like it covers a lot of stuff). I do want to PM you about the eCPPT though.
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