HI, everyone

I having some trouble deciding which direction I should head in, taking in to account where IT World seem to be heading and where I want to head. I not quite sure which path to take?

We all know the great trends for 2013 and behind lies in one of these directions. Let's face it with create of the HITECH ACT back in 2010. The doors where wedge open for the perceivable future, with huge advancement opportunities, has we scramble to upgrade the entire medical community. Which leave huge need for IT tech professional thought out the medical community?

Then of course there the whole Cloud and virtualization experience. With the rising cost of company expenses, everyone seems to be trying to save a dime where they can. Leaving huge opportunities and few to fill the growing opening for set and deployment of the cloud and virtualization, everything seems to be heading in one of these directions. And I don’t for see the likely hood of this part of the IT industry to slow down any time soon.
Additional, let not forget about the whole Microsoft / Mac angles. We live in a Microsoft world, let’s just face it. An I know there a lot Mac fan out there, so please don't take this the wrong way, I would even be first to emit Microsoft need to get their act together, not a very big Microsoft fan these days. Considering how the company been doing, and how in my opinion the level of product they recently released has been pretty bad. Not to say they ever really had the great production to begging with. And I doubt that this opinion of mine will change any time soon. But we still have to face facts, even with windows recent poor decision a side. This is still a Microsoft world and at least 80% of business world wide use’s Microsoft severs. It the truth, an because of this truth there is and will always going to be a demand for good Microsoft sever professional for the perceivable future.

Also with the recent growth of the Mac community, I have started to notice an increased needed for Mac certified professional. More specifically with the repair and set up of Mac computer and phone equipment. Leave the protean for some specialized growth opportunity.

An of course let's not forget about the IT security community which is still very big with lots of potential growth. Even know the hype has seemed to dwindle a little in this area over the last year or two. Make no mistake this is still I very fast paced growing community. And with the recent cyber threats and pending war that may be coming IT security and cyber pervious is likely to have lots of growth potential thought perceivable future.
Now this all those possible path I could take, I am not quite sure any more with is going to have all the potential reward. My passion has been with IT security. But I not quite sure what certification is best if I were to pre-sue this angle would be a good follow up from the security +?
Additionally, with these entire great IT paths I can take which is currently the best path to take and which will be the best path to take for the perceivable future? And what certification should I take to achieve these paths?