Dear Friends
My name is Abhrajit Das. Just joined this forum. Very excited to take on some certifications in near future. I am in IT field for over 15 years in various capacities. Been there as programmer, IT admin, Systems analyst etc. Thinking to do career switch. Planning to go for CISSP and CISA.
Looking for your expert opinions and suggestions please. I dont have enough professional experience on security side of it, So
1. what are my chances being accepted for the certification. Could someone who has sort of "been there, done that" share your views pelase.
2. If I cant be accepted because of my lack of experience on security field, what are the options do I have? Can I achieve the certification at all?

I know it may sound trivial but really need your advice to take the first step forward. I am inspired by all those people who post their success. Great job guys! Need you help now.
Thanks a lot.