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    Default Cisa certification

    Hello everyone
    i have one question please kindly can anyone guide me

    i am planning to study cisa and will give exam after 3 months kindly can anyone guide me can we pass via dumps only or exam manual

    or if anyone has pllease can you give me

    or is there any certification before cisa but just like cisa which can be pass by dumps only
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    Do you have the experience that allows you to fulfill ISACA's requirements for CISA? Do you work in an audit type of role?

    The idea for an exam is to vouch for your experience and validate your expertise. It sounds like you are looking to quickly pass the exam for whatever reason (appreciate do not know your background fully).

    If you have the experience and understand the principles behind the syllabus then you can go over the DB questions to get an idea of what to expect and take it from there. If you are a junior auditor then perhaps getting the CISA manual from ISACA will also help.

    It just depends on your background and what you aim on getting from it.

    I get the impression you are looking to simply quickly pass the exam at whatever cost.

    Hopefully the above will be able to guide you and allow you to achieve your career goals. Best of luck.
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