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    Default CRISC manual 2015 vs current version

    Hi All,

    I have the CRISC review manual 2015 and the online QA DB. I'd like to know if the CRM 2015 will suffice my studies or if there are any changes/new material in the new review manual. From what I can see in the QA DB, there's content that's not covered in the 2015 version, which made me suspect that there may be new stuff in the new manual.

    Looking forward to your invaluable advice.
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    I actually have 2014 material and have the same question whether i need to get the new one
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    hi all,
    i am planning in Dec. 2017, i have the book 6th (new) but Q&A 2015 (400 qes., old), if any one can help me wz copy of the new (500 qes.) Q&A or DB, thanks all.
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