Hi all,

I have a query regarding my eligibility to apply for CISA certification. Please see my questions below:

a) I have a 4 year Engineering degree in Instrumentation Systems from VESIT (Mumbai) which I completed in 2000-2004.

b) I also have a 2 Year Master's in Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance from MET (Mumbai) which I completed in 2007-2009.

My question is: which degree can I claim for IS Audit experience waiver and how many years can I claim?


I have 2 years IS Auditing experience as mandated by ISACA but that is spread across 3 different companies. I am unable to get hold of my immediate supervisors in two of them since they have left the company. I also do not reside now in the same country of that work (They are back in India and I now reside permanently in Hong Kong).

Kindly inform me as to how I can verify my experience required for certification? Are there any alternate means to verify my experience? Alternate individuals I can approach?


I also have over 4 years of Application Controls Audit experience in my previous companies. Since this audit is done of application controls in Information Systems can I claim this experience towards CISA certification?

Thanks for your time, and please let me know if you need further details.