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    Quote Originally Posted by Gbl123 View Post
    @boringIT congratulations for your score.Hats off to you even without QAE database questions you scored so excellent marks.I just failed and was short of 10 marks.I scored 440.Anyways congratulations would like to ask you how did you prepare?i know you read AIO and watched videos.Is there anything You can suggest to improve to pass the exams.I don’t think I can score like you.Your score is a dream score.
    Well I don't want to brag but I worked for one of the big Anti-virus companies for 2 years where I learned a lot about malware analysis (viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware, spam etc.) then I worked at HP as a network security engineer acquired a lot of skills while working to be honest. Fortune 500 companies would outsource their operations to HP so I am more or less familiar with outsourcing strategies, what are the benefits and pitfalls. You would also experience the benefits of security awareness trainings and various phases of projects. All these things I think helped me grasp the concepts. Knowing networking technologies, standards as well as some pentesting experience was again really helpful. I am not sure how the other people managed to pass it by only studying QAE, I guess everyone has his/her own way.

    I am not affiliated to Safari Online Books but I think it's worth the money to have access to variety of books and video tutorials. I watched 2 video tutorials, one from iCollege and another from Sari Greene Pearson IT Certification. I really liked where Sari Greene goes into a meeting room and would explain why/what/how the audit would be conducted to various stakeholders in a company.

    When I wrote that I hope the questions would not be like pre-assessment test, I had not read the AIO book and watched the videos yet. I did the pre-assessment test solely based on my real life experience and managed to score 56%. So my recommendation for you is to focus on areas which you are lacking experience/knowledge. That's what I did while studying. It's really important to be brutally honest with yourself.

    Don't worry you will pass it next time. Don't be discouraged by our comments as you can see I had underestimated the level of my knowledge. Everyone on techexams.net who passed the exam is saying QAE is a must to pass the exam. Well I think it's nice to understand the way ISACA think but if you really concentrate on the question and try to reduce the things to why an audit, information systems are important to business then you would most probably find the correct answer. Happy new year!
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    Good write up! Congrats to you and mudcat3434 for passing with such impressive scores!

    Based on reading the comments in this forum, and having passed the CISA exam recently (12/20/17), I believe the key to passing the CISA exam is to achieve a balance of learning the concepts well from reading the CRM/AIO/CISA Study Guide, and doing the QAE DB. As others have mentioned, when doing the QAE DB, don't simply memorize the answer but find out why an answer is correct, and why the other 3 are incorrect. The QAE DB is a tool designed to help learn the concepts, not to recognize the questions on the real exam. The questions on the real exam will always be different anyway! The level of studying the CRM/AIO/CISA Study Guide & QAE DB could be offset by an individual's work experience in IT Audit/IT Security. Those with more experience may not require as much studying, while those with less experience may require more studying. As boringIT mentioned, be brutally honest with yourself, and identify where your weakness is. The exam score breakdown should give you a good clue as to which domain you need improvement on. Study hard using the CRM/AIO/CISA Study Guide & QAE DB in the domain needing improvement on, in addition to doing an overall review prior to your retake, and you should be fine.
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    Yes, I agree with the previous statements that learning by remembering is the stupidest thing you can do. I did it and did not pass the exam. I spent 10 months studying and I've processed 1177 + 1000 around about 2000 questions. I received the results on the exam

    e are sorry to inform you that you were not successul in passing the CISA exam. You received a total scaled score of 395. For your information, your exam results by area are provided below.
    The Process of Auditing Information Systems 378
    Governance and Management of IT 308
    Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation 349
    Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management458Protection of Information Assets 465

    I had not access to ISACA database, read only Cisa Maunal book 26th edition.
    So , the questions on the exam just shocked me and last quesion I answered in lat 5 minut.

    If any one would like to help me and share some material , please please, please contact me on marina dot mokotow at gmail com
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