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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesindc View Post
    Thanks for all your replies. It's all very helpful advice.

    Just to tell you about my background. I have a liberal arts bachelors degree and have about 3-4 years of technical experience mainly doing lower level help desk work.

    To be honest, I'm pursuing a Masters because I'm curious about the field of IT and how things work. Because of that reason, I've decide to pursue a Masters in Information Technology that will expose me to databases, programming, web development, networking and security.

    I feel that I'm limited in what I can learn at my job and with certifications. I want the context of how things fit together and conceptual understanding that comes with taking graduate level classes.

    I'm looking into UMUC's Master of Information Technology with a concentration in Informatics. What do you guys think about this program?
    The things you need to consider:

    1.) Are you paying out of pocket? Or is your employer willing to pay for it? That can make a big difference as the ROI may not be worth taking on loads of student loan debt.

    2.) A typical masters degree is going to teach you concepts on paper, not in a live environment. WGU could be a good option as the cost is very reasonable, it's accredited and you will gain some certs too.

    Do you research and find out what is going to benefit you the most in the short term and long term. You have options.
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    So the reason's you just listed for wanting to obtain a Masters are all of the wrong reasons. The type of things you want to learn are things that you learn from doing actual work, not from taking college courses.
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