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    Thumbs up Found a Job I Really Like

    Found a Job I Really Like

    I made this post about being let go from a job..see below

    Being let go Before 90 days. How Do you Bounce Back?

    Finally found a job I really like. I have been at a help desk job since December of 2017. When I started there we had 2-6 weeks of training before we hit the floor. We would go into a class room for eight hours a day and pretty much crammed material every day.
    After cramming the material I hit the floor and we did coloring contests and made cutout gingerbread men. Closer to Christmas they order pizza for everyone. It was pretty slow until January hit. At first I was struggling, but now it’s a pretty easy job. A lot of dynamics of the job are common sense.

    Common sense in a caller center……
    • Well it might be a good idea to show up to work on time.
    • Might be a good idea to follow your break times
    • Might be a good idea to use the chat room, kb articles, and keep the customer in the loop during the call.
    • We have leads and managers we can use if we get stuck on the call. There is no remote and we are supporting a product and not so much windows.

    Everyone I work with is super friendly, no one has an ego. I have made some friends at work.

    I’m learning how important it is to get all the info from the user. What is the exact error message…?

    Anyways, there is always a job out there everyone.

    This job is supposed to last until June.
    When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened."

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    "I eat SubNets like You for breakfast..."
    Awesome :]

    What technology are you planning on learning next?
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