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    Default BAU or Project work

    What do you guys do at work

    BAU - Business as usal day to day i.t support work making sure everything is running etc and all of the users etc are happy

    or project work - like upgrading something or re-design or implementing something new?

    is it bad if you only done BAU work so far and never lead a project etc?

    which is better
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    I'm fairly senior so I do whatever I think needs done. I'm usually leading or influencing multiple projects at any one time but usually as a stakeholder versus a project team member.

    My typical day is putting out fires, working with customers, and generally just trying to move the business forward. Not necessarily in that order if things are going well
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    I'm on a one year project at the moment. It could be extended if they decided to add more scope to the project.
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    Both and then some. Project work usually comes later in your career, but there is always a need for high-level points of escalation. Most larger shops split the roles up at some point, which is logical but can take away from the fun and variety inherent in getting to do both.
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