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    Default Linux+ and LPI 1 objectives: Are they the same?

    As the thread title has said, I am in the country that just can allow me to take only LPI 1, not Linux+ although I do want to get the certification from Comptia. Anyway, Are the objectives of both Linux+ and LPI 1 similar to each other?
    I gonna take the latest version of LPI 1 for next month and got the Sybex book also for Linux+ 103, 104.
    I am quite worry and confused of whether this book can cover all the objectives of new LPI1 or not?

    All your reply are highly appreciated.

    Thank in advance.
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    The exams themselves are effectively one and the same. The objectives are identical, so the LPIC1 and Linux+ books are completely interchangeable.
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    BTW, if you take the Linux+ exam, there is an option on the exam which provides you with the LPIC-1 cert as well (assuming you pass both Linux+ exams). Oddly enough, the opposite isn't true, so it is somewhat beneficial to take the Linux+ exams because you get two certs for one. Granted, folks that know Linux certs likely know they are really the same cert, but having extra alphabet letters after your name normally never hurts.

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    Yes they are. You can get a SUSE certification along with LPIC-1 and Linux+. SUSE isn't not common in North American but it apparently is in Europe. Plus it can't hurt to get it

    They are really straight forward exams without the "trickery" you might find in other platforms. Because they are platform neutral their is no push for new technologies like you might find elsewhere *powershell, cough cough*.
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