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    Default Need some help with grub question.

    Hi everybody.
    I'm studying with Comptia Linux LPIC-1 Cert Guide and there is a question from the book

    1. When attempting to boot your Linux system, you see an error message and
    the system will not complete a normal boot. Which of the following could you
    type at the GRUB menu to enter a system administrator mode for trouble-
    shooting? Choose all that apply.
    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 5
    d. s
    e. S

    The corrects according to the book are a,d,e and that's fine.
    My question is where exactly this GRUB menu is? I've tried with few Debian/Ubuntu distros to put this at grub command line (grub menu at boot -> c) but it always says unknown command. Where can I see it works?
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    Hold down a 'Shift' key during boot. You should see the Grub Menu screen. Then press 'c' for the command line...


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