Hey all,

I would like to thank everyone at this site first as it's been a tremendous help for me in gaining my certs.

My story: I had studied to take the 70-410 (WinServ2012 R2) test earlier this year and I failed. I came short by about 100 points and there was a lab question on the exam that is supposed to be in 70-411 (configuring Windows router) that I was totally unprepared for. I even used the Microsoft official study guides for those exams and I know for a fact there is no router configuration until 70-411. Maybe it's just Microsoft exams but I found their exams not just more difficult but a bit shady as well. While I can handle difficult, I don't like the whole "throw in a lab from a different test" to hope a candidate will fail.

Anyways, I moved on and pursued Linux and other CompTIA certs and did just fine. While CSA+ was incredibly difficult, I didn't see anything on the test that I had not read and prepared for at least.

Has that changed at all for Server 2016?

What materials did you use to pass?