First off all, thank everyone for their contributions to this forum. It has been a great asset to me.

But I am in dire need of some assistance and would appreciate any feedback that anyone can give. I am in the process of attaining my MCSA for Windows Server 2016. I earned my MCSA for Windows 10 at the end of 2016.

I have been working my butt off and I passed the 70-740 and 70-741 exams in August and October and passed the first time on each, as well as I passed the 70-697 and 70-698 in 2016 the first time on each.

However, here is my issue. I failed the 70-742 exam in November with a score of 616. No big deal, I thought, as I purchased an exam replay and got an extra retake. I took it a week later again I failed, again, this time with a score of 666.

I was very frustrated, but figured, hey, I improved. So I studied more (I have read 2 books, watched 35 hours of video on ITProTV, taken countless Transcender Practice exams, used flash cards, watched even more video and power point presentations I have found online, etc since October) Not to mention, I am a Systems Admin and Network Engineer for a managed service provider. I took the exam in December and failed again. The odd part, I got the same score of 666. Strange, but chalked it up to coincidence.

So I picked my self up, dusted myself off, and went back to studying. I went in today and took the exam again. I was very confident in my answers and felt really good about the exam. I went through each question 4 times before I clicked the finish button. Happy with my answers, I clicked finish. An yet again, I was met with a "failed" message with as score of... you guessed it, 666.

So if you are keeping count, the last 3 times I took this exam, I have scored a 666/1000. Something just doesn't feel right, and if the scores were different failing scores each time, I don't think I would have given it any more thought. But I know this content, and work with it every day. I find it difficult to accept that I have failed 3 times with the exact same score. Almost like something is wrong with the application and a score above 666 cannot be attained. Has anyone ever run into this before, is there an appeals process with Microsoft so I can have them check into this? Any input from this community would be greatly appreciated.