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    who wants to know

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    Default any good links for the 71-297 exam

    i am doing the beta exam on august 14th
    any good links to sutdy from
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    MCSE NT4 MCSA 2000/2003 Security+ (expired: CWNA, CNA, CCNA)
    Since there isn't any study material specifically for this exam, you have no choice than to use the microsoft site and the help files included in Windows 2003.

    These for example:



    Also, the most important tool you currently have to prepare for the exam is the list of exam objectives for 70-292 Try to read something about everyone of them to increase the chance you'll pass. Since this is a "design" exam, you 'll receive several case study questions where several people in a corporation have different demands and wishes, to which your solution must comply.
    Also read the case studies at microsoft.com about large companies that implemented ADS.

    Buying a book for the 70-219 exam might be a good idea as well, many thigns are still the same as in Win2000, and it might give you some more feeling for the 'design' exam.

    I hope this helps...

    Good luck!
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